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About the CPGB

The Communist Party of Great Britain is a revolutionary political organisation that fights to bring together the various fragments of the Marxist left into a Communist Party cohered around a genuine communist programme. Only a united, principled organisation could begin a serious fight to spread the influence of Marxism in the workers’ movement and broader society, in the UK and (where possible) throughout the world. Our goal is to overthrow capitalism and build a communist society free from the exploitation and oppression that characterise all class societies.

CPGB, BCM Box 928, London WC1N 3XX. office@cpgb.org.uk

Frequently asked questions

Some common questions about the CPGB, answered by Paul Demarty.

What we fight for

Our political platform, as published in the Weekly Worker.

Draft Programme

Our draft programme is intended to show what sort of programme the left should be advancing in this era. Those wanting to join the CPGB do not have to agree with every dot and comma of the programme, but accept it 'as a framework within which to fight for communism'.

Our history

We have recently published a series of articles on the history of the CPGB, as well as making issues of The Leninist available online.