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Communist University 2014

Communist University, the open, forthright, and topically diverse school of left-wing exchange and discussion is being hosted this year at Goldsmiths University, the Surrey House site.

Unlike other lefty political schools CU is a place where differing views contend and clash openly. There are no deathly dull hagiographic sessions put on to show fidelity to some spurious sect 'tradition', and members of the CPGB, as well as comrades of all other organisations and none, can air their views and argue and debate freely with one another.

As always the event will seek to deal with topics of particular current relevance to the left as part of a striving for political clarity among Marxists, but also on subject matter that is timeless in its value to all communists.

This year's accommodation at Goldsmiths will be in en-suite rooms, food will no doubt be communally prepared, as always at CU, as a small effort to foster a culture of rotation and mutual effort. Prefiguration ain't just for anarchists!

So come along to the most invigorating and open political school on the left and have your say. Single room accommodation is available on-site for the whole week - as is cheap, collectively prepared food.


  • Full week, including accommodation - £200 (£110 no income, £250 solidarity)
  • First / final weekend, including one night's accommodation - £40 (£25)
  • Full week, no accommodation - £60 (£30)
  • Day - £10 (£5)
  • Session - £5 (£3)

The leaflet we have been distributing for CU2014 is available here (PDF).

CU2014 Timetable

Download or print this timetable here (PDF)

Saturday August 16

2.00pm Remembering WWI; Parvus and other lefts who supported the slaughter. Mike Macnair.

4.45pm Quotas and the struggle for socialism. Yassamine Mather.


Sunday August 17

10.00am Animal liberation. Assoziation Dämmerung.

2.00pm Kautsky, parliament and referenda. Ben Lewis.

4.45pm Communism in the 21st century. Camilla Power.


Monday August 18

10.00am The Alliance for Workers’ Liberty and social imperialism. Pat Smith.

2.00pm Free speech and Left Unity Jack Conrad.

4.45pm WWI: Marx and Engels predicted it, but would they have taken sides? Hillel Ticktin.


Tuesday August 19

10.00am Being human: what chimpanzees can teach us. Chris Knight.

2.00pm Political economy: the falling rate of profit. Michael Roberts.

4.45pm WWI: a symptom of capitalist decline. Hillel Ticktin.


Wednesday August 20

10.00am ‘Leftwing’ communism: an infantile disorder? David Broder.

2.00pm Scottish referendum: what position should Marxists take? Sandy McBurney.

4.45pm Neoliberalism: a busted flush? Marc Mulholland.


Thursday August 21

10.00am Can the Labour Party be transformed into a vehicle for socialism? Stan Keable.

2.00pm WWI: the successes, failure and significance of the Russian Revolution. Hillel Ticktin.

4.45pm After the Arab spring: a further Balkanisation of the Middle East? Moshe Machover.


Friday August 22

10.00am Bolsheviks and women: from liberation to prosecution. Anne McShane.

2.00pm Robots and artificial intelligence. Yassamine Mather.

4.45pm Safe spaces. Mike Macnair.


Saturday August 23

10.00am The USSR. Jack Conrad.

2.00pm The politics of lying. Paul Demarty.

4.45pm Assessment of school


Full week, including accommodation - £200 (£110 no income, £250 solidarity)
First weekend, including one night's accommodation - £40 (£25)
One week, no accommodation - £60/£30
One day, no accommodation - £10/£5

Location: Surrey House, 80 Lewishham Way, New Cross, London SE14 Map

Starts: 14:00, Saturday 16 August 2014

Ends: 14:30, Saturday 23 August 2014

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