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Communist University 2013

A session at last year's CU

Our annual school is 12-18 August in South London, and is open to all. CU is different to most schools on the Left, encouraging the open expression of political differences.

The crisis of global capitalism rumbles on, but the Left is still stuck in the mires of sectarianism and opportunism. Given its explanatory power and practical programme, Marxism has huge potential in this period – a potential being irresponsibly squandered by the Marxist groups existing today. Communist University points a way out of this mess.

Over seven days of intense and open discussion, comrades from a variety of left political backgrounds teach and learn from each other. Differences between comrades are debated in fiercely partisan ways – but without the fear of excommunication that characterises the confessional sects of much of the rest of the left. The aim is political clarity, and to show the relevance of contemporary Marxism to the huge battles the workers' movement will soon be squaring up to.

Come and join us this year and make your contribution to the job of politically tooling our side up for war.

The full CU timetable is now available.

Places are limited, so please book your place as soon as possible.