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Paul Demarty

Articles by Paul Demarty

Left Unity: Keeping disagreements hidden

May 15 2014

Left Unity’s press release about Gerry Adams illustrates the fragility of its political method, argues Paul Demarty

Left unity: Playing happy families

May 01 2014

The protracted regroupment talks between Socialist Resistance, the International Socialist Network and others continue; as does their political confusion, writes Paul Demarty

Birmingham schools panic: Horses for courses

April 24 2014

The Birmingham school panic is an ironic product of post-Thatcher Britain, writes Paul Demarty

Circling the drain

April 17 2014

The Co-op faces demutualisation by a thousand cuts, argues Paul Demarty

Rightwing press rocks the boat

April 10 2014

Maria Miller and Nick Clegg suffer for the benefit of reactionary media moguls, writes Paul Demarty

Gay marriage: The road from the margins

April 04 2014

The legalisation of gay marriage is a victory for sexual freedom - but, in this society, a fragile one, argues Paul Demarty

The internet in the epoch of decline

March 27 2014

Extravagant revolutionary claims are made for new digital media and the technological avant-garde. The truth, argues Paul Demarty, is more complicated

Tony Benn: The moderate extremist

March 20 2014

Paul Demarty examines the legacy of a tireless champion of the Labour left

Harriet Harman: More manufactured hysteria

March 06 2014

As the Daily Mail smears Labour MPs for links to paedophiles - Paul Demarty wonders whether it doth protest too much

Cyberspace oddity

February 27 2014

As the Scottish independence referendum approaches, the ugly side of the argument is in full view, writes Paul Demarty

CWI: A bureaucratic farce

February 20 2014

The anti-Keynesian dissident, Bruce Wallace, has been suspended, reports Paul Demarty

Labour: Another Blairite collaborator

February 06 2014

Paul Demarty wonders why Sally Morgan of Ofsted was allowed to collaborate with Gove in the first place

ISNetwork: Bondage and bigotry

January 30 2014

The International Socialist Network has split - over a work of art. Paul Demarty is bemused

Divisive incorporation

January 23 2014

Paul Demarty on the latest attempts by politicians to assert that 'We're all middle class now'

Immigration: Chauvinist demagoguery

January 16 2014

Paul Demarty looks at the poisonous bilge of our native reactionaries

Nick Griffin: A rat on a sinking ship

January 09 2014

The collapsing British National Party is the victim of its own contradictions, not anti-fascism, writes Paul Demarty

Left Unity: Establishing freedom to criticise

December 05 2013

Paul Demarty looks at the constitutional fallout for Left Unity post-conference

Labour and political scabbing

November 28 2013

Defending the union link as it is falls short of the needs of the working class, argues Paul Demarty

Tories: Unite in the crosshairs

November 21 2013

The right’s crusade against Britain’s biggest union continues, reports Paul Demarty

Phone hacking: Establishment still in dock

November 07 2013

The problem is not ‘irresponsible gutter journalism’, argues Paul Demarty

AWL: Siege mentality

October 31 2013

Conference is where political differences should be debated out. Paul Demarty reports on an exception

Left culture: Nutters like us

October 24 2013

Till the left starts to make headway, get used to being viewed as mad, writes Paul Demarty

The ballad of Tommy Robinson

October 17 2013

The left is in the habit of not thinking, notes Paul Demarty. Nowhere more so than when it comes to the far right

Daily Mail: Fear of everything

October 10 2013

After its latest brush with notoriety, Paul Demarty examines the Daily Mail

Left culture: Politics for dummies

October 03 2013

Paul Demarty asks why so many on the left are afraid of talking politics

Safe spaces: Conway-Hudson school of censorship

September 26 2013

Paul Demarty defends the idea of free speech on the left

Socialist Platform: Politics of prejudice

September 19 2013

The fear of political groups and impatience with political meetings on display at the Socialist Platform’s first national meeting are deeply linked - and politically pernicious, argues Paul Demarty

Left Unity: Playing it safe

September 12 2013

Everyone involved in producing Left Unity’s proposed ‘safe space’ policy should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves, argues Paul Demarty

Syria: War bid hits buffers

September 05 2013

The UK will not be taking part in any punishment strikes on Syria for now, but the threat of imperialist intervention remains, writes Paul Demarty

China: Populism and plutocracy

August 29 2013

The trial of Bo Xilai reveals contradictions at the top of Chinese society, argues Paul Demarty

Manning conviction: A sick parody of justice

August 08 2013

The conviction of Bradley Manning shows the need to abolish state secrecy, argues Paul Demarty

God of the gaps

August 01 2013

Justin Welby is a hypocrite, but his credit union plans are a symptom of the decline of the workers’ movement, argues Paul Demarty

SWP: Opposition flexes its muscles

July 11 2013

The ‘leadership’ got its disciplinary vote, writes Paul Demarty. But then it pathetically backed down

Socialist Party/CWI: Rudeness and revolution

July 04 2013

The Committee for a Workers’ International should not insist on micro-managing debates, argues Paul Demarty

EDL: Oxygen of stupidity

June 27 2013

Socialist Worker complains that the BBC is giving the English Defence League publicity - a bit rich, reckons Paul Demarty

AWL school: Missing the point

June 27 2013

Paul Demarty shares some brief thoughts on a session dedicated to debating the IS/SWP and its history

Militarisation of cyberspace gathers speed

June 13 2013

Tensions between China and the US over cyber-security are a reminder of the hidden dangers of the information age, writes Paul Demarty

Far right on the march

June 06 2013

The chauvinist atmosphere in the wake of the Lee Rigby murder has thrown the British far right into the spotlight. Paul Demarty assesses the balance of forces

Woolwich: A pretext for state repression

May 30 2013

The murder of a soldier highlights the irrationality of bourgeois politics - but also the failure of the left, argues Paul Demarty

Tories: Return of the repressed

May 23 2013

For the first time, this coalition government looks structurally unsound - but its collapse would shift politics to the right, argues Paul Demarty

AWL: Pull the other one

May 16 2013

In response to Left Unity, the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty has sent a counter-proposal to most of the far-left organisations. Paul Demarty replies

Ukip success: Not just a protest vote

May 09 2013

Ukip’s success at the county council elections reflects its voters’ prejudices, but also long-term alienation from official bourgeois politics, argues Paul Demarty

SWP no-platformed: Self-inflicted injury

May 02 2013

The annual Marxism festival is running short of big names - but the SWP has encouraged the culture of boycotting problematic people, argues Paul Demarty

Gender quotas: The two souls of tokenism

April 25 2013

The gender imbalance in left groups cannot be cured by bureaucratic means, argues Paul Demarty

Feminism: The world of women, like the world of men, is divided

April 04 2013

Paul Demarty calls for the unity of men and women in the fight for the self-liberation of the working class

Leveson and media: Long live the free press

March 28 2013

It is possible that the new press regulations will be dead on arrival - and just as well, writes Paul Demarty

SWP and no platform: Meanwhile, in the real world ...

March 21 2013

The intensifying feminist offensive against the far left is the bitter fruit of our collective political mistakes, argues Paul Demarty

SWP and feminism: Rape is not the problem

March 14 2013

Red-baiting and feminist attacks on the SWP must be resisted, in spite of everything, argues Paul Demarty

SWP special conference: Divided they fall

March 07 2013

The Socialist Workers Party leadership is attempting to divide the opposition. Taking the bait would be suicide, reckons Paul Demarty

SWP crisis: Silence of the lambs

February 28 2013

The ‘softly, softly’ approach of the Socialist Workers Party opposition contrasts with the leadership’s aggression, argues Paul Demarty

SWP crisis: Lynch mobs and lèse-majesté

February 21 2013

The Socialist Workers Party leadership is fighting a dirty war. Unfortunately, writes Paul Demarty, nobody seems to have told the opposition

SWP crisis: Twilight of the idols

February 14 2013

The central committee has once again failed to reassert control. But dirty tricks are inevitable, writes Paul Demarty

Left press and the SWP: The dog that didn’t bark

February 07 2013

The silence of significant sections of the left on the Socialist Workers Party crisis is a symptom of sectarianism, argues Paul Demarty

SWP crisis: Professor Callinicos and the dark side

January 31 2013

Finally a member of the SWP central committee attempts to defend its conduct. Paul Demarty wishes he hadn’t bothered

SWP opposition: Seymour in Greece

January 24 2013

He may have been propelled to the vanguard of the SWP opposition - but it is not immediately clear what Richard Seymour’s politics actually are. Paul Demarty looks for clues

SWP crisis: Opposition emboldened as demand for recall grows

January 17 2013

The leadership can no longer lead - but a positive outcome to the crisis requires more than the removal of the entire CC, argues Paul Demarty

SWP conference: Comrades in the SWP, rebel!

January 10 2013

The central committee was delivered a body blow at this weekend’s conference - but for dissidents the fight must go on, argues Paul Demarty

Gay marriage: Compromising with bigots

December 20 2012

The marriage equality law is now a shambles - because David Cameron’s government is hostage to incorrigible reactionaries, argues Paul Demarty

Starbucks tax: A system built for playing

December 13 2012

The Starbucks tax fiasco tells us much more about Britain than greedy corporations, reckons Paul Demarty

Leveson report: The dog that didn’t bark

December 06 2012

The recommendations of the Leveson report are worse than the status quo, argues Paul Demarty - but not by much

Women Bishops & CofE: Irrelevant? If only

November 29 2012

The Church of England’s failure to accept women bishops is embarrassing, but solutions short of disestablishment are absurd, argues Paul Demarty

BBC crisis: Child abuse and desperate diversions

November 22 2012

Sections of the bourgeois press are attempting to conceal their own crisis by hammering the BBC, writes Paul Demarty

Obama election: Return of a rational reactionary

November 08 2012

The absence of a viable working class alternative means American voters are treated as fools, argues Paul Demarty

Tories: Revenge of the nasty party

November 01 2012

David Cameron once liked to pose as a compassionate Conservative, writes Paul Demarty. But no longer

Scotland: Independence from what?

October 25 2012

The Scottish National Party’s support for Nato confirms Alex Salmond as a canny bourgeois politician, argues Paul Demarty

Jimmy Savile: Establishment’s dirty little secret

October 18 2012

The establishment furore over the Jimmy Savile scandal has more to it than is being let on, reports Paul Demarty

NUS: Unreason all the way down

October 11 2012

The National Union of Students no-platforms George Galloway, Galloway sues the NUS, the left talks nonsense throughout and Paul Demarty wonders what the hell is going on

One nation: Labour turns blue

October 04 2012

Ed Miliband invoked the legacy of Benjamin Disraeli in order to embrace the agenda of Blue Labour, argues Paul Demarty

Remorse and retrenchment

September 27 2012

The big story from the Liberal Democrat conference is Nick Clegg’s apology for raising student fees - but his party is as wedded to the Tories as ever, argues Paul Demarty

Handling the truth

September 20 2012

Establishment mea culpas over Hillsborough have shocked many - but there are more skeletons in the closet, writes Paul Demarty

Pushing the button

September 13 2012

The Julian Assange furore is about war, not sex, argues Paul Demarty

A textbook paranoid narcissist

September 06 2012

As Julian Assange divides a confused left, Paul DeMarty seeks clarity

Honour among thieves

August 16 2012

Recent frictions in the Tory-Lib Dem coalition are an object lesson in the cynicism of bourgeois politics, argues Paul Demarty

Where’s the action?

August 09 2012

The Tory-Lib Dem government has not produced a spike in industrial action, notes Paul Demarty. So what should be made of the left’s strike fetishism?

Where is the left?

August 02 2012

As Syria descends into bloody chaos, confusion lingers on, writes Paul Demarty

Another American tragedy

July 26 2012

Paul Demarty takes a look at the confused issue of arms in the USA

Olympics and the perversion of sport

July 26 2012

Are the Olympics the high point of a sporting religion? Harley Filben investigates

The appeal of Syriza

July 12 2012

The left continues to squabble over the merits of the Coalition of the Radical Left in Greece - but, argues Paul Demarty, both sides miss the point

Diamond in the rough

July 05 2012

The latest scandal to hit the banking sector could become truly explosive, writes Paul Demarty

The school as straitjacket

June 28 2012

Michael Gove's plans to ditch GCSE exams are socially regressive - but, writes Paul Demarty, so is the obsession with examinations itself

Taking up extreme opposition

June 21 2012

The victory of the troika's patsies in the Greek elections should be met with determined class resistance - across Europe, argues Paul Demarty

Be careful what you wish for

June 14 2012

As the next Greek elections loom, Paul Demarty takes a look at the lines being taken by the left and the current controversy in the SWP

None of the above

June 07 2012

Calling on Egyptians to vote for the Muslim Brotherhood is insane, argues Paul Demarty

How to learn nothing

May 31 2012

The emergence of a programme from the Occupy movement has caused a flurry of debate on the ACI website, Paul Demarty decides to join in

Syriza in the spotlight

May 24 2012

For a long time it was almost unknown outside Greece - but now the world's eyes are on Syriza. Paul Demarty examines the new thorn in the troika's side

The abuse of abuse

May 17 2012

It is the social decay caused by capitalism, not race, that leads to acts of horror, says Paul Demarty.

Round one to Miliband

May 10 2012

Labour is obviously pleased with the outcome of last week's local elections - but the government is not as weak as it looks, writes Paul Demarty

Murdoch bites back

May 03 2012

The News International owner has his moment of revenge on David Cameron writes Paul Demarty - but the establishment is the real victim

Crisis and creeping despair

April 26 2012

From the killing spree by a lucid yet paranoid Anders Breivik to the increase in private and public suicides in austerity Europe Paul Demarty asks, what is capitalism doing to our minds?

Charities up in alms

April 19 2012

George Osborne's tax changes have been criticised for threatening charity in this country - if only, laments Paul Demarty

The creep of the secret state

April 12 2012

Paul Demarty takes a look at the latest moves towards greater state monitoring of electronic communication

Racism as thoughtcrime

April 05 2012

In the light of the jailing of Liam Stacey for making racist comments on twitter about footballer and recent heart attack victim Fabrice Muamba , Paul Demarty takes a look at official ant-racism and the attitude of Marxists.

The long view

March 29 2012

Communists must be patient, writes Paul Demarty, avoiding the twins of opportunism and adventurism

Fur flies over Lenin

March 22 2012

What has the debate over 1912 got to do with current communist practice? James Turley answers the philistines

Occupational hazards

March 15 2012

As the St Paul's protest camp continues its transformation into a respectable pressure group with mainstream support, James Turley draws a few lessons

Silencing voices

March 08 2012

Workers Power is again embroiled in internal disputes. James Turley asks why it insists on hiding its internal differences

Syria: In imperialist sights

March 01 2012

With Syria in the sights of the imperialists and the bourgeois media, James Turley wonders where the Left and anti-war movement is.

Murdoch fights back

February 23 2012

Despite the imminent launch of a sunday edition of The Sun the relationship between the press and the politicians will not quite be the same, says James Turley

Free Abu-Qatada

February 16 2012

The rights and freedoms of Abu Qatada must be protected, no matter how politcally odious he personally may be, says James Turley.

Better dead than Fred

February 09 2012

The recent bout of hand-wringing over bankers' bonuses conforms to the general pattern of bourgeois hypocrisy, argues James Turley

Taking the Chinese road

February 02 2012

This week, Dilma Rousseff, the president of Brazil, makes her first state visit to Cuba. James Turley sees another step from Stalinism to capitalism.

Science and the square wheel

January 26 2012

James Turley is not impressed by the resurfacing of 'male aggression' myths

Climax of tartan nationalism

January 19 2012

The Scottish independence referendum is a choice between Westminster and Berlin, argues James Turley - yet the left offers no alternative to nationalist illusions

A load of old balls

January 12 2012

Racism persists in society - but, as recent scandals show, serious analysis has been replaced by moral hysteria, argues James Turley

The other worlds of sci-fi and fantasy

December 22 2011

How do science-fiction and fantasy help us understand reality? James Turley investigates

Cameron in the court of King James

December 22 2011

The prime minister's speech on the King James Bible ticks every reactionary box going, argues James Turley

Europe and the delusions of leftwing nationalism

December 15 2011

David Cameron's veto is a dangerous blunder, argues James Turley - so why does the left reproduce Tory stupidity on the EU?

Islamist election successes have lessons for left

December 08 2011

Socialists need to play the long game, argues James Turley

Nothing to contribute

December 01 2011

The Durban conference on climate change is likely to be even more useless than its predecessors - James Turley argues it is time to serve notice on capital's stewardship of the environment

Democracy against capitalism

November 24 2011

The ascension of self-styled technocrats to political power is the latest proof that capitalism is antithetical to democracy, argues James Turley

Carrot and stick

November 17 2011

Francis Maude's idiotic '15-minute strike' suggestion reveals a disquiet at the heart of the government, argues James Turley

Patriotism and pyromania

November 10 2011

Police action against 'poppy-burners' reveals the murky chauvinist undercurrent to Remembrance Day, argues James Turley

Waking the dead

November 03 2011

A Tory MEP has attracted derision for his loopy beliefs in the paranormal - but he is merely the tip of an iceberg of absurd mumbo-jumbo, argues James Turley

An inconvenient execution

October 27 2011

The death of Gaddafi will not bring freedom to Libya, argues James Turley

A global act of refusal

October 20 2011

The Occupy movement has energised politics, writes James Turley. But we must face up to the limits of spontaneity

Guarding the chicken coop

October 13 2011

James Turley looks at the unfolding Liam Fox scandal

Cuts and cat-fights

October 06 2011

The Conservative Party's annual conference produced a lot of empty rhetoric, a few concessions for the right and one clanger from the front benches, writes James Turley - but no surprises

Shoot the messenger

September 22 2011

Bourgeois political power is not as unassailable as they would like us to think. Our rulers can be relied upon, periodically, to split. James Turley looks at the botched attempt of the Metropolitan Police to use the Official Secrets Act

Double standards

September 15 2011

James Turley examines the atrocities in Basra

Ten years of blood and fire

September 08 2011

The anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks coincides with a resurgence in 'liberal interventionism'. James Turley evaluates the bloody harvest of both

Fall of desperate regime

September 01 2011

Anti-imperialism does not equal pro-Gaddafi, argues James Turley

Labour debate: repackaging of a tenuous argument

August 11 2011

James Turley responds to Chris Strafford

A regulator with teeth: are you crazy?

August 04 2011

There is no ahistorical code of 'press ethics' which can come out of this farrago, writes James Turley

Politics of press freedom

July 28 2011

Rather than relying on bureaucratic solutions, argues James Turley, the left needs a dynamic approach to the media

Death in Wapping

July 14 2011

The News of the World scandal has revealed the true relationship between the media and politicians, writes James Turley

Scotland: Independence fight looms

July 07 2011

Scotland is not an oppressed nation, declares James Turley

Real attempt to learn the lessons

June 30 2011

The 'Towards a New International Tendency' statement marks a step forward, notes James Turley

The Red Mist descends

June 16 2011

James Turley introduces a new cultural website

Nato paralysis and US decline

June 16 2011

No candidate to replace the USA exists or looks likely to arise, writes James Turley

Real democracy needs organisation

June 09 2011

Collective discipline is absolutely fundamental to majoritarian politics, writes James Turley

Faith, flag, family, socialism?

June 02 2011

'Blue Labour' is the latest fad to enrapture the leadership of the Labour Party. James Turley probes into its appeal for 'Red' Ed

Democracy against 'privacy'

May 26 2011

The wooden spoon goes to the Alliance for Workers' Liberty, writes James Turley

Hacks versus celebrities

May 19 2011

James Turley argues that a whole cultural-ideological system needs to be overcome

Who's afraid of George Galloway?

May 12 2011

The open letter urging no vote for the Coalition Against Cuts list was understandable, but badly wrong, writes James Turley

Fighting Stalinism politically

May 05 2011

James Turley responds to Paul B Smith

The fall of the Murdoch empire?

April 21 2011

As the News of the World phone-hacking scandal grows, the corruption underlying the bourgeois state becomes ever more obvious, argues James Turley

Intervention, not incoherent abstention

April 14 2011

James Turley replies to critics of the CPGB's project to transform the Labour Party

No united front with Gaddafi

April 07 2011

Those who are waiting for a 'pure' opposition will wait forever, writes James Turley

You are useful idiots

March 31 2011

The imperialist assault on Libya has rallied many on the liberal and socialist left in its defence. James Turley argues that this makes an anti-imperialist perspective even more urgently necessary

Arm the movement with Marxist politics

March 31 2011

James Turley reports on a good day in the fight to build resistance to the coalition's austerity

No more Fukushimas

March 24 2011

Technology is not socially neutral, declares James Turley

Cracks in state apparatus

March 17 2011

We have to face the full social role of the police squarely, writes James Turley

Another nail in the coffin

March 10 2011

Political oblivion looms large, writes James Turley

No champions of democracy

March 03 2011

David Cameron's gun-toting trade tour is a much-needed reminder of imperialism's real interest in the Middle East, writes James Turley

Despised by the Tory right

February 24 2011

James Turley says that Kenneth Clarke is telling his party exactly what it does not want to hear

Renewing solidarity

February 17 2011

James Turley reports on the annual conference of Hands Off the People of Iran

Divisive dead-end

February 10 2011

Should the left 'defend multiculturalism'? James Turley looks at the reactions to David Cameron's weekend speech

Ruling sexism offside

February 03 2011

James Turley argues that those wishing to rid the world of the sexist idiocy of Andy Gray and Richard Keyes must set their sights higher

The pull to the left

January 27 2011

Ed Ball's promotion to shadow chancellor gives Labour the Keynesian option, argues James Turley

Masses in revolt

January 20 2011

The people have succeeded in sending one dictatorial president packing. But the old regime remains intact. James Turley argues for a pan-Arab revolution led by the working class

Against the politics of purity

January 13 2011

There is certainly no way around Labourism, argues James Turley

Extended rally gives leadership free rein

January 13 2011

The central committee brushed differences under the carpet at the Socialist Workers Party annual conference. James Turley reports

The fear of unity

December 16 2010

Eager for ammunition, the SWP has delighted in the NSSN's looming split. James Turley reports

The second death of Liberal England

December 09 2010

The weakness of the Liberal Democrats benefits the Tories more than the workers' movement, argues James Turley

Police kettle student protestors yet again

December 02 2010

James Turley discusses the critical problem of organisation in the student movement

Harness the anger: the anti-cuts movement we need

November 25 2010

James Turley looks ahead to the Coalition of Resistance conference and warns against the lack of democracy and a clear programme

After Millbank: the way forward

November 18 2010

Communists have no truck with cowardly and hypocritical condemnations, writes James Turley

The two souls of socialism

November 11 2010

Trade union politics was the main dish at Socialism 2010, the Socialist Party's annual school. James Turley reports

The lying game

November 11 2010

Yes, Phil Woolas lied through his teeth - but they all do, including the Liberal Democrats. Eddie Ford looks at the Oldham East ruling

Snub to Labour machine

November 04 2010

Lutfur Rahman has garnered support from some sections of the left, writes James Turley

No united front here

October 28 2010

Unfortunately for Clegg, Osborne has not managed to get away with it, argues James Turley

Osborne the butcher

October 21 2010

Cuts campaigns should move towards unity, says James Turley

The history boys

October 14 2010

We need to go beyond liberal criticisms of Tory and neo-Liberal views of history, writes James Turley

Divided we stand

October 07 2010

We have better solutions, asserts James Turley

The band played on

September 30 2010

Lib Dems are underwriting a government of crisis, writes James Turley

Slow death of Cuban 'socialism'

September 23 2010

The capitalist road is the only one open to an isolated Cuba, writes James Turley

Strike back against the empire

September 16 2010

Place newspapers in the hands of journalists and printworkers, demands James Turley

Trouble in the fourth estate

September 09 2010

Murdoch, Coulson, et al are being handled with kid gloves, writes James Turley

Not so green shoots

September 02 2010

Capitalism will survive until it is consciously overthrown, writes James Turley

Expel the collaborators

August 26 2010

James Turley questions the nature of Labour as an organisation

Open the books - end state secrecy

August 05 2010

Wikileaks tip of iceberg, writes James Turley

Coalition threatens Lib Dems with oblivion

July 29 2010

The 'Brokeback' speech by David Davis casts light on the possible demise of the Liberal Democrats in the 2015 general election, argues James Turley

Old cuts, new packaging

July 22 2010

James Turley exposes Cameron's 'Big Society' lie

Keep off our turf

July 15 2010

James Turley critiques the SWP's proprietorial culture

Seeking out a path to the right

July 08 2010

Marxism 2010 provided, among the usual array of celebrity guest speakers in the 101 sessions, a chance to gauge the current state of Socialist Workers Party politics, writes James Turley

Pension con job

July 01 2010

Working life should end in material comfort, demands James Turley

Reclaim the game

June 24 2010

A festival of sporting genius, or an incitement to chauvinism? James Turley looks at the contradictions of the football extravaganza

Fresh thinking and stale dogma

June 10 2010

Another split on the left leads to questions being raised about what passes for 'democratic centralism'. James Turley looks at the travails of the IMT

Prostitution: decriminalise, not prohibit, not legalise

June 03 2010

Amidst talk of a 'new Yorkshire Ripper' James Turley calls for a principled approach to sex work

Diane Abbott splits left

May 27 2010

Communists want to see the Labour Party completely transformed, writes James Turley

The new bullshit

May 20 2010

David Cameron's 'new politics' are a degraded version of the old, argues James Turley

Europe and the Greek contagion

May 13 2010

The crisis in Greece is bound up with the global capitalist downturn. Instead of a nationalist response there could be an international fightback, writes James Turley

The right to be offensive

April 29 2010

Creeping censorship must be opposed - even if feelings get hurt, argues James Turley

It was right to put safety above profits

April 22 2010

James Turley argues that there is more to the Eyjafjallajökull volcano than disruption to tourists

A taxing dilemma

April 15 2010

The dispute over taxation shows the bourgeois establishment's poverty of ideas, argues James Turley

Vote for Labour anti-cuts, anti-war candidates

April 08 2010

Prepare for a political fightback, writes James Turley

Darling promises to be the kinder butcher

April 01 2010

With Tory confusion on the economy, the general election looks to be very close, writes James Turley

International fightback, not 'race to the bottom'

March 25 2010

Elementary workplace struggles demand to be generalised, writes James Turley

Rehabilitation not revenge

March 18 2010

James Turley takes on the reactionaries whipping up hysteria over the age of criminal responsibility

The politics of bribery

March 11 2010

The Tories are showing themselves up as the party of corruption, says James Turley

Resistance must not be isolated

March 04 2010

Withdrawal calls reveal lack of strategy, writes James Turley

Storms and teacups

February 25 2010

Both the media and bourgeois politicians want us to concentrate on personal strengths and weaknesses. But that is not the main issue, argues James Turley

Establishment impotence fuels climate denial

February 18 2010

Capitalism and sustainability do not mix, says James Turley

Oil-slick divisions

February 11 2010

International Marxist Tendency has suffered a damaging split. Not a new phenomenon, notes James Turley

Honesty and narcissism

February 04 2010

James Turley looks at Tony Blair's performance before the Chilcot enquiry and the futile search for a smoking gun. Britain's alliance with the United States is the real culprit

Obamalaise hits home

January 28 2010

James Turley looks at the first year of the Obama presidency

Quake: no act of god

January 21 2010

Millions around the world were appalled at the death and devastation in Haiti. James Turley puts the calamity into context

Trouble at the top

January 14 2010

More than corruption revealed in Northern Ireland, writes James Turley

Blind, dumb logic of capitalism

January 07 2010

James Turley reviews Mark Bould's and China Miéville's new book 'Red planets: Marxism and science fiction' (Pluto, 2009, pp293, £19.99)

Public-spirited marching and the anti-system threat

December 17 2009

James Turley looks at the mixed messages from the media about the Copenhagen demonstrations

In another world

December 10 2009

Alistair Darling's pre-budget report includes a 'supertax' on bankers' bonuses. James Turley calls for more

Splendid talking shop

December 03 2009

James Turley reports on the Historical Materialism conference

Metaphor for neoliberalism

December 03 2009

Dubai collapse points to continuing crisis, writes James Turley

Political response needed

November 26 2009

James Turley expects a sudden rise in the pitch of industrial struggle after the general election

The fight gets ugly

November 19 2009

What does the SWP majority think democracy looks like? asks James Turley

The working class intellectual and the apparat

November 12 2009

James Turley offers an appreciation of the life of Chris Harman, 1942-2009

Uncanny detective story

November 05 2009

James Turley reviews China Miéville’s The city and the city London 2009, pp312, £17.99

Whatever happened to those green shoots?

November 05 2009

Once again, says James Turley, it has not been a good couple of weeks for Alastair Darling and Gordon Brown

BNP contradictions

October 15 2009

James Turley reviews Nigel Copsey’s Contemporary British fascism Palgrave Macmillan, 2007, pp264, £19.99

New vision for Europe wanted

October 08 2009

James Turley argues that the bourgeoisie is incapable of uniting Europe on any secure basis

Anti-BNP class-collaboration

October 01 2009

The left’s spluttering response to Nick Griffin’s invitation to appear on Question time reveals a floundering political strategy, argues James Turley

Islam and Rushdie

July 30 2009

James Turley reviews Kenan Malik’s From fatwa to jihad: the Rushdie affair and its legacy Atlantic, 2009, pp266, £16.99

Abstention or intervention

February 12 2009

After the victory by the Lindsey wildcat strike, James Turley draws some lessons

'Official anti-racism' cracks again

September 18 2008

The accusations of Tarique Ghaffur against the Metropolitan Police have given the lie to the state's 'liberal' PR, argues James Turley

Return to Marx

August 07 2008

James Turley reviews Mike Macnair's 'Revolutionary strategy' November publications, 2008, pp204, £7.99

The campus and the state

April 24 2008

James Turley argues that students have an antagonistic relationship with college authorities

Multiculturalism and the working class

March 20 2008

BBC's White season promotes division, says James Turley

Sunshine Stalinism ends?

February 28 2008

James Turley looks at the mixed response of the left and the prospect of a 'Cuban Deng'

Politicising the Olympics?

February 21 2008

The renewed furore over China's hosting the 2008 summer Olympics says more about the bourgeoisie than Beijing, argues James Turley

Rowan Williams and SWP lies

February 14 2008

In Respect, Chris Bambery lied again and again. Secularism 'justifies' islamophobia, advocating secularism plays into the hands of those 'deliberately stoking up' islamophobia, etc. Yet now his Socialist Worker demands separation of church and state, writes James Turley

Conway scandal silence

February 07 2008

They just keep on coming - yet another financial scandal ripples through Westminster. James Turley looks at the facts, the lessons and the embarrassment of the SWP

Hain and working class morality

January 17 2008

James Turley calls for accountability of elected representatives

Oxford Union and 'free speech'

November 29 2007

The decision by the Oxford Union debating society to give a platform to BNP leader Nick Griffin and holocaust denier David Irving provoked national controversy. James Turley digs through it all and argues for a particular application of the 'no platform' tactic

Socialists for Labourism

November 22 2007

With the hostilities in Respect reaching their messy denouement last weekend, it was almost possible to forget the rather less fiery Socialism school of the Socialist Party in England and Wales. James Turley reports

A load of old Balzac

November 15 2007

Is there such a thing as a 'Marxist art'? James Turley takes issue with Hillel Ticktin

National fetishes

November 08 2007

It is that time of year when almost every public figure wears a plastic poppy, to commemorate the casualties of war. James Turley inquires into the roots and role of this practice

In the footsteps of WRP?

November 01 2007

The pro-Iran apologetics at the Stop the War conference brought back unsavoury memories of Gerry Healy's 'Libyan gold'. James Turley examines the history

Plumbers and teachers

October 25 2007

James Turley is not surprised that 10 years of Labour rule have not created a "classless society". But does class still matter?

Booze, fags and turkey twizzlers

October 11 2007

On October 1, it became illegal for under-18s to buy tobacco. James Turley comments

Sickening apologetics

July 12 2007

SWP member Naz Massoumi addressed the session entitled 'Iran - from revolution to rogue state', reports James Turley

SWP "relative autonomy"

May 25 2007

James Turley reviews Alex Callinico's Universities in a neoliberal world (Bookmarks, 2006, pp41, ?2)

Controversy and comradeship

April 26 2007

Comrades from diverse political backgrounds gathered at the University of Sheffield over the weekend of April 21-22 to discuss revolutionary theory, strategy and practice at the CPGB-organised Communist University North. James Turley and Jamie Linney report

Mountains out of molehills

February 08 2007

Leading the Alliance for Workers Liberty's typically slippery response to our coverage of the Socialist Youth Network launch conference reveals an organisation in crisis and rapidly moving to the right, says James Turley

No anti-communist witch-hunts

January 11 2007

Members of Communist Students have been banned from a new 'open' socialist youth organisation set up by supporters of the John McDonnell campaign. James Turley and Tina Becker report

No bans on christian fundamentalists

November 23 2006

James Turley reports on the bureaucratic attempt to ban Exeter university's christian student society