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Toby Abse

Articles by Toby Abse

Electoral reform and Greek gifts

March 20 2014

While the new premier seems destined to disappoint, sections of the left have joined forces in a lash-up that looks set to leave workers cold. Toby Abse reports

Italy: New beginning signals further attacks

February 27 2014

Renzi’s administration intends to further erode workers’ rights, writes Toby Abse

Italy: The new Tony Blair

February 20 2014

The premiership of Matteo Renzi will make the previous government look positively progressive, writes Toby Abse

Italy: Back into the centre of politics

February 06 2014

Haggling over the new electoral law has given the former premier some breathing space, writes Toby Abse

Running the show from outside

December 05 2013

The absence of any serious leftwing political force leaves the working class in the unenviable position of choosing the butcher, writes Toby Abse

Italy: M5S racism exposed

October 24 2013

Confused left populism should not blind us to the natsure of Beppe Grillo’s party, writes Toby Abse

Berlusconi: Houdini’s last escape

October 10 2013

Surely last week’s volte face signals the end of the road for Silvio Berlusconi. Toby Abse reports

Italy: Threat to bring down government

August 29 2013

Toby Abse reports on Silvio Berlusconi’s latest antics

Italy: Heading for jail?

August 08 2013

Can it really be true that ‘the law is equal for all’? Silvio Berlusconi may yet have more tricks up his sleeve, writes Toby Abse

Berlusconi: Judgement day looms

July 18 2013

Toby Abse reports on an unexpected setback for Silvio Berlusconi

Vatican: Rotten to the core

July 04 2013

The money-laundering scandal has confirmed that Vatican corruption cannot be put down to isolated individuals, writes Toby Abse

Italy: Berlusconi will never serve time

June 27 2013

Toby Abse reports on the ‘Ruby case’ verdict

Italy: Populists in disarray

June 20 2013

Why do some on the British left see Beppe Grillo’s party as a kind of model? Toby Abse reports on the fallout following Italy’s local elections

Italian elections: Grillo’s populism exposed

June 06 2013

The Five Star Movement has suffered a sharp drop in support. Toby Abse reports on the first round of the local elections

Giulio Andreotti: Corruption, murder and the thirst for power

May 16 2013

Toby Abse reviews the life of the Italian prime minister with close Mafia connections: Giulio Andreotti, January 14 1919 - May 6 2013

Italian government: Grand coalition for austerity

May 02 2013

Toby Abse reports on the formation of yet another anti-working class administration in Italy

Italian election: Ex-‘official communists’ in disarray

April 25 2013

Toby Abse reports on the fallout following the re-election of president Napolitano

Italian political paralysis: Another papal conclave

April 11 2013

Toby Abse reports on the backstabbing and intrigue, as Italian politics remains in paralysis

Italian political crisis: Anti-working class stalemate

March 21 2013

The contending parties cannot agree on how to make workers pay for the crisis. Toby Abse reports

Italy election: Nothing left about Five Star

February 21 2013

Contrary to the view expressed by the Socialist Workers Party, Toby Abse shows that the Italian general election result is a disaster

Italy: More of the same

January 24 2013

There will be another round of cuts and austerity, whoever wins the general election, writes Toby Abse

Italy: The end of Mario Monti?

December 20 2012

Toby Abse reports on the latest manoeuvres in Rome

Berlusconi: Another guilty verdict

November 01 2012

If past form is anything to go by, Silvio Berlusconi will not serve a day of his latest jail sentence, writes Toby Abse

Rifondazione Comunista: Failed refoundation

October 18 2012

Toby Abse reviews: Salvatore Cannavo, 'La Rifondazione mancata, 1991-2008: una storia del PRC Edizioni Alegre', Rome 2009, pp223, €14

Sardinian workers force concessions

September 20 2012

The big union battalions are once more talking of general strike action, writes Toby Abse

Inferno for the proletariat

September 13 2012

Toby Abse reviews: Bill Emmott 'Good Italy, bad Italy: why Italy must conquer its demons to face the future', Yale University Press, 2012, pp299, £18.99

Economic woes and new scandals

June 27 2012

The labour 'reforms' have finally been pushed through parliament, but president Napolitano could be brought down over alleged Mafia contacts. Toby Abse reports

Turmoil threatens

June 13 2012

While Italy teeters on the brink of a new crisis, the left is nowhere. Toby Abse reports on the machinations of the main parties

Last man standing

May 30 2012

The Partito Democratico, dominated by ex-'official communists', is now Italy's leading party, writes Toby Abse

Scandals, austerity and comic diversion

May 09 2012

While rightwing parties were the big losers, there is no sign of a move to the left, writes Toby Abse

Lega reaches end of road

April 18 2012

Toby Abse reports on the scandal that has engulfed the main Italian far-right regionalist party

Memoirs of a loyal oppositionist

March 28 2012

Rossana Rossanda (translated by Romy Clark Giuliani) The comrade from Milan Verso 2010, pp384,

Monti forces through right to sack

March 21 2012

With most union leaders caving in, the Italian premier has got broad agreement for the proposed eradication of the workers statute. Toby Abse reports

Strike boosts resistance

March 14 2012

As an Italian engineers strike widens to include political issues, Toby Abse looks at how this will affect the battle to save Article 18

Rifondazione opposes rail link

March 07 2012

Workers' discontent has found an unexpected outlet, notes Toby Abse

Berlusconi still in the dock

February 29 2012

The former premier may have been 'cleared' on a technicality, writes Toby Abse, but the repercussions of the whole affair persist in both the Italian and British establishments

Monti prepares for fresh attacks

February 01 2012

The nature of the Italian resistance to austerity has so far been contradictory, writes Toby Abse

No surrender on article 18

January 11 2012

Toby Abse reports on the intransigent defence of Italy's Workers' Statute coming from an unexpected source

Three-hour general strike forces concessions

December 14 2011

Italian workers are determined to defend their pensions, writes Toby Abse

Budget assault ups the ante

December 07 2011

Almost all Italian parties have fallen in behind the attacks fronted by the new government of technocrats, reports Toby Abse

Technocrats and bankers take over

November 16 2011

As the entire establishment falls in behind the new cabinet of bureaucrats, writes Toby Abse, Italian workers must prepare for the attacks that lie ahead

Bye bye, euro too?

November 09 2011

While the departure of Silvio Berlusconi will be a cause for celebration amongst workers, it will open the way for a more effective government of vicious austerity, warns Toby Abse

Black Bloc allowed to wreck protest

October 19 2011

The spontaneism of the 'horizontalists' was completely exposed in Rome, writes Toby Abse

Mired in sleaze, Berlusconi reaches end of the road

September 21 2011

Italy's crisis is not purely economic, writes Toby Abse. The corruption of the political elite has contributed to its credit downgrading

Market logic challenged by eight-hour general strike

September 07 2011

This week the increasingly moribund government of Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi has faced simultaneous attacks on two fronts: from the speculators and the European Central Bank, on the one hand; and from a general strike by the most militant section of Italy's organised working class, on the other. Toby Abse reports

Facing a hot autumn

August 31 2011

Prime minister Silvio Berlusconi remains in office, writes Toby Abse, but his Bonapartist regime has come to an end

Euro zone crisis spreads from periphery to core

July 13 2011

Toby Abse looks at the interplay between economics and politics after 'Black Friday'

Silvio Berlusconi trounced again

June 15 2011

Toby Abse looks at the situation in Italy after the prime minster's humiliating defeat in last weekend's referenda

Malevolent conspirator

August 25 2010

Toby Abse condemns the architect of the 'strategy of tension'

Corruption and crime

March 03 2010

The breathtaking hypocrisy surrounding the Mills case must be exposed, argues Toby Abse

PRC - origins, problems and prospects

November 11 2003

The combativity of the working class in Italy is in part connected to the leadership offered by Rifondazione Comunista, argues Toby Abse, a supporter of Resistance. This monthly publication groups together the International Socialist Group - affiliated to the so-called 'Fourth International' - and an eclectic range of independents who in general inhabit the right wing of the Socialist Alliance