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Economics of the madhouse

October 25 2012

Hillel Ticktin reviews: Paul Krugman' End this depression now!', Norton, New York, 2012, pp272, £14.99

Keynes: The great saviour and his leftwinger converts

October 18 2012

Capitalism is in terminal decline. So why, asks Jack Conrad, do so many on the left advocate not socialism, but increased government spending, deficit financing and Keynesian solutions?

Neither advocate nor oppose

February 29 2012

What should be the attitude of Marxists to Keynesianism? Arthur Bough responds to Mike Macnair

Global fight for reforms

February 15 2012

Mike Macnair concludes his article on the alternative to nationalistic Keynesianism

Promoting the national economy divides workers

February 08 2012

Does Keynesianism represent an alternative to austerity? Mike Macnair begins by looking at John Maynard Keynes's actual theory

Keynesian fantasies are no substitute

December 07 2011

The Fine Gael/Labour coalition has unveiled the country's fifth austerity budget. Despite that the leading factions of the ULA continue to dither, writes Anne Mc Shane

Left rhetoric and reformist illusions

November 30 2011

The 1891 Erfurt programme adopted by the Social Democratic Party of Germany was regarded as a 'return to Marxism', writes Ben Lewis. If only the same could be said of Die Linke's 2011 version

Marxist education not rote learning

November 16 2011

Communists in the CPGB will be prioritising the study of the fundamentals of Marxism, focussing initially on Marx's political economy, to combat the Keynesian quackery prevalent on the left, reports Alex John

Political suicide or managed decline?

July 20 2011

With the sovereign debt contagion spreading, the euro facing existential crisis, the possibility of a US default and gold prices hitting record highs there is a real possibility that capitalism is heading for a further sharp downturn. But, asks Jack Conrad, does Keynesianism offer a way out?

Not our solution to their crisis

March 23 2011

The economic crisis is far from over. But does Keynesianism offer a way out? No, argues Jack Conrad. Keynesianism is thoroughly elitist, anti-working class and pro-capitalist

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