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May 22: Vote Tusc, vote left

April 24 2014

In the absence of Labour anti-cuts candidates, Peter Manson calls for critical support for the left in next month’s local elections

French election: First the 'red wave', then the blue

April 10 2014

Hollande’s electoral humiliation at the hands of the right shows the necessity of independent working class politics, argues Eddie Ford

Electoral reform and Greek gifts

March 20 2014

While the new premier seems destined to disappoint, sections of the left have joined forces in a lash-up that looks set to leave workers cold. Toby Abse reports

West and Putin up the ante

March 20 2014

Mainstream hypocrisy takes some beating, writes Eddie Ford

Ukraine: ‘Revolution’ in one square

February 27 2014

Ukraine is in danger of being torn apart by rival nationalisms and descending into civil war, warns Eddie Ford

Italy: New beginning signals further attacks

February 27 2014

Renzi’s administration intends to further erode workers’ rights, writes Toby Abse

Italy: The new Tony Blair

February 20 2014

The premiership of Matteo Renzi will make the previous government look positively progressive, writes Toby Abse

Italy: Back into the centre of politics

February 06 2014

Haggling over the new electoral law has given the former premier some breathing space, writes Toby Abse

Ukraine: Great power tug of war

February 06 2014

The US and the EU are on one side, Russia is on the other; the human victims are the Ukrainian population, writes Eddie Ford

Running the show from outside

December 05 2013

The absence of any serious leftwing political force leaves the working class in the unenviable position of choosing the butcher, writes Toby Abse

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