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SACP plumbs the depths

April 17 2014

While the ANC continues to lose support, writes Peter Manson, it still faces no viable opposition from the working class

South Africa: Official ‘communists’ split unions

February 20 2014

It is impossible to overstate the crisis facing the SACP, writes Peter Manson

South Africa: Opposition in disarray

February 13 2014

Julius Malema, leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters, is facing jail for fraud

South Africa: Phase within phase ... but capitalism is the end result

February 13 2014

Attempts to create a viable governmental alternative are in tatters, writes Peter Manson, leaving the ANC free to pursue the ‘second phase’ of the ‘national democratic revolution’

Biggest union ready to split historic ANC alliance

January 09 2014

Things in the workers’ movement are very fluid, writes Peter Manson. The South African Communist Party is certainly heading for a profound crisis

North Korea: A very Kimist purge

December 19 2013

The bureaucratic apparatus in North Korea is becoming increasingly dysfunctional, writes Eddie Ford

Mandela: He was a bourgeois hero

December 12 2013

South African Marxist Hillel Ticktin discusses the role of Nelson Mandela with Peter Manson

Mandela: Creation of a cult

December 12 2013

The ruling class is honouring a man who helped make South Africa safe for capitalist exploitation, writes Peter Manson

China: Beijing’s new turn

November 21 2013

As the third plenum shows, China is moving towards some form of state capitalism, writes Eddie Ford

USSR: Getting the Soviet Union right

November 07 2013

On the 96th anniversary of the October Revolution, Jack Conrad engages with the Russian question

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