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West's wounded imperial pride

March 27 2014

Eddie Ford calls for opposition to the escalating campaign for sanctions against Russia and to ‘nonlethal’ military assistance to Ukraine

Changed and unchanged

January 30 2014

What do the negotiations with Iran tell us about US policy? This is an edited version of a talk given by Mike Macnair to the January 25 Hands Off the People of Iran day school

A region in flux

December 19 2013

Yassamine Mather of Hands off the People of Iran examines the failure of political Islam and imperialism’s attempts to adjust its alliances

Iran-US: Paper tigers and false victories

November 28 2013

The deal with Iran represents a partial, but important success for imperialism, writes Yassamine Mather

Iran: End sanctions now

November 14 2013

Whatever the final result of negotiations, writes Yassamine Mather, it is the millions of ordinary Iranians, not their rulers, who have suffered

Israel-Iran: An enemy at all costs

November 14 2013

Alongside the Saudis, Israel is pulling out all the stops to prevent a settlement with Iran. Tony Greenstein looks at Binyamin Netanyahu’s contortions

Iran: Step up solidarity

October 17 2013

The apparent thaw in US-Iran relations could offer new opportunities for the workers’ movement, argues Yassamine Mather

Telephone diplomacy riles Israeli hawks and Iranian conservatives

October 03 2013

Immediate results from the thaw in US-Iran relations will be few and far between, warns Yassamine Mather

Iran: Edging towards a settlement

September 26 2013

US sanctions appear to have produced results for imperialism, writes Yassamine Mather

US decline: The shock and awe that wasn’t

September 26 2013

Jim Creegan analyses the secular decline of the United States as the world hegemon and the failure of Barack Obama’s Syria gambit

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