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Throwing babies out with the bathwater

April 17 2014

Are those who refer to the USSR as state-capitalist just ‘taking moral distance’ from Stalinism? Ian Donovan responds to Mike Macnair

Crimea: Danger of wider conflict

March 06 2014

Vladimir Putin is unlikely to back down over Crimea, writes Eddie Ford

HOPI: Grappling with the new situation

January 30 2014

How to meet the challenge presented by the US-Iran deal? Peter Manson reports on Hopi’s day school

WW I: Necessary and sufficient condition

January 16 2014

We need look no further than imperialism to establish the underlying cause of the carnage. Chris Gray completes his examination of 1914-18

The shame of imperialism

January 09 2014

As shown by Michael Gove’s stupid remarks, the bourgeoisie cannot admit its responsibility for the carnage of 1914-18. In this two-part article Chris Gray examines the origins of the ‘war to end all wars’

Pull the other one

January 09 2014

Michael Gove wants us to believe that 1914 saw the beginning of a just war in defence of liberty. And he is not alone, writes Eddie Ford

Iran-US: Paper tigers and false victories

November 28 2013

The deal with Iran represents a partial, but important success for imperialism, writes Yassamine Mather

Celebration of imperialist crimes

November 14 2013

Eddie Ford wants us to defy the poppy police

Iran: End sanctions now

November 14 2013

Whatever the final result of negotiations, writes Yassamine Mather, it is the millions of ordinary Iranians, not their rulers, who have suffered

Iran: Edging towards a settlement

September 26 2013

US sanctions appear to have produced results for imperialism, writes Yassamine Mather

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