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Campaign for a Marxist Party

Roots of Stalinism

February 13 2008

Results of research in the Moscow archives throws up new insights on the post-revolution period. Phil Kent reports

What next for Campaign for a Marxist Party?

December 19 2007

Following the election of a new committee of which he is a member, Hillel Ticktin gives his thoughts on the tasks of the Campaign for a Marxist Party

Fresh start for Campaign for a Marxist Party

November 28 2007

In a rebuff to sectarians and halfway house supporters, the recall conference of the Campaign for a Marxist Party put it on a much sounder basis last Saturday. The tiny, unrepresentative Democratic Socialist Alliance faction that had dominated the committee for over a year, doing little or nothing, was replaced. Jim Moody reports

New communism versus old Marxism

November 28 2007

Steve Freeman of the Revolutionary Democratic Group accuses the CPGB of voting against its own politics at the CMP conference

A rough guide

November 21 2007

The Campaign for a Marxist Party holds its reconvened conference this weekend. Jack Conrad looks at the main motions, amendments and political issues

Factional property

October 10 2007

Issue number three of Marxist Voice, the journal of the Campaign for a Marxist Party, is a great disappointment, says Phil Kent

Sober up or spiral down further into irrationality

September 26 2007

The CMP's national committee clearly lacks legitimacy. Despite that, because of that, it decided to pre-empt our national conference and appoint a Bonapartist chair. A panic measure. John Bridge reports

PC language and fudging differences

September 19 2007

Marxists should not be afraid to call a spade a spade, writes Mark Fischer

Demise imminent

September 19 2007

Exactly how and when Respect will meet its end is impossible to tell, writes Peter Manson. But, judging by what the SWP leaders are saying, it is not long for this world

Trust and workable democracy

August 01 2007

Steve Freeman defends his proposal to limit CPGB participation in the Campaign for a Marxist Party and denies it is anarcho-bureaucratic

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