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International regroupments

Die Linke: Rotten politics and rotten terms

September 19 2013

This weekend’s elections will be a test for Die Linke, argues Ben Lewis, especially when it comes to the coalition-making that will follow

Besancenot: go beyond outdated national borders

October 05 2011

Last weekend's Europe Against Austerity event adopted the aim of a 'day of industrial action' across the continent in 2012. Peter Manson reports on the conference's strengths and weaknesses

Mapping the alternative

September 28 2011

The workers' movement must begin to act on a European scale, argues Mike Macnair

Real attempt to learn the lessons

June 29 2011

The 'Towards a New International Tendency' statement marks a step forward, notes James Turley

Down with utopia!

May 07 2008

The bankruptcy of the neoliberal model has created a vacuum for alternatives, writes Boris Kagarlitsky. If we do not fill it from the left, it will be filled from the right

Support Die Linke - but organise to fight

June 20 2007

As of June 16 the two dominant forces on the German left, the Linkspartei.PDS and the WASG, formally ceased to exist and joined forces to create the new left party, Die Linke. Ben Lewis reports from Germany

Australian SA and CWI

April 25 2001

Down under déjà  vu

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