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Stop the War Coalition

Crimea: Danger of wider conflict

March 06 2014

Vladimir Putin is unlikely to back down over Crimea, writes Eddie Ford

STWC: Main enemy is at home

September 19 2013

Stan Keable of Labour Party Marxists reports on the September 14 Stop the War Coalition AGM

Syrian crisis: Miliband well placed to benefit

September 05 2013

Eddie Ford examines the impact on British politics of the Syrian crisis

How the triumvirate marched all the way to failure

June 20 2013

Callum Williamson reviews: Chris Nineham, 'The people v Tony Blair: politics, the media and the anti-war movement'. Zero Books, 2012, pp87, £6.99

'Anti-imperialist united front': No inherent connection with the working class

March 21 2013

Ten years after the height of the mobilisation against the Iraq war, Mike Macnair calls for an end to the politics of the ‘anti-imperialist united front’

Anti-war anniversary: Party with all-round strategy needed

March 14 2013

Moshé Machover looks back at a decade of anti-war protest. This is an edited version of his speech to the March 9 ‘Ten wasted years?’ school, organised by the CPGB

STWC conference: Big claims, bankrupt politics

February 14 2013

How can we ‘stop the war’? Peter Manson reports on the 2003 protest nostalgia

Expulsion and exclusion as war threat grows

March 07 2012

The SWP no longer controls Stop the War, writes Peter Manson, but its successors still practise SWP-style bureaucratism

Doing their job

March 07 2012

Tina Becker's speech to the 2012 STWC conference on behalf of the CPGB

Not our friend

March 07 2012

Cat Rylance's speech to the 2012 STWC conference on behalf of Communist Students

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