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Nothing but bathwater

May 08 2014

The Soviet Union did not constitute capitalism of any sort, argues Mike Macnair

Three cardinal sins of opportunism

March 13 2014

A reprint from the April 1984 edition of The Leninist, forerunner of the WW

Rival politics of the miners’ strike

March 13 2014

Mark Fischer introduces another blast from the past

Debate: Not a matter of style

March 13 2014

CPGB interventions are marred by a serious theoretical flaw, argues Ian Donovan

What might have been

February 13 2014

The Communist Platform meeting showed what the Socialist Platform could have been, says Ian Donovan

Communist Platform

February 13 2014

This is the new version, as amended by the February 8 meeting

Left Unity: Solid basis for intervention

February 13 2014

Daniel Harvey reports on last weekend’s Communist Platform meeting

Left Unity: Reformulating principles, mapping out demands

February 06 2014

Saturday February 8 will see the launch meeting of Left Unity’s Communist Platform and is open to anyone who is, or wishes to be, a supporter: 12 noon to 5pm, Calthorpe Arms, 252 Grays Inn Road, London WC1 (nearest tube: Kings Cross)

Shipwreck of dreams

January 23 2014

Daniel Harvey looks at the lessons of the Socialist Alliance for today

Time to take principles seriously

January 16 2014

The Socialist Platform’s claim to the mantle of principled politics is entirely bogus, says Daniel Harvey

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