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Alliance for Workers Liberty

The forgotten ally and friend

January 23 2014

Rease Higgs responds to the AWL’s defence of its behaviour over ‘comrade Alpha’

Pot calls kettle black

January 16 2014

After months of infighting the Socialist Party in England and Wales pulled out of the NCAFC. But the fallout exposes the hypocrisy and cynicism of the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty, writes Rease Higgs

Why I am leaving the AWL

November 07 2013

Pat Smith's resignation letter

AWL: Failing the litmus test of loyalty

November 07 2013

The republication of a chauvinistic article on the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty website was the spark that led Patrick Smith to resign from the organisation. Mark Fischer asked him about his experience in the group

AWL: Siege mentality

October 31 2013

Conference is where political differences should be debated out. Paul Demarty reports on an exception

AWL: Matgamna’s chauvinistic tirade

October 31 2013

Imperialism may not have invented political Islam, writes Yassamine Mather, but it has certainly used it to its advantage

AWL dishonesty

September 19 2013

Dave Isaacson refutes a rather bizarre accusation

Socialist Platform leaders: Headlong collapse into politics of the labour bureaucracy

September 19 2013

Peter Manson reports on the undemocratic manoeuvres of the drafting group

AWL review: Education or training?

August 01 2013

Mike Macnair reviews: Cathy Nugent (ed) 'Marxist ideas to turn the tide: readings and reflections on revolutionary socialist strategy'. Phoenix Press/Workers’ Liberty, 2013, pp138, £5

AWL school: Missing the point

June 27 2013

Paul Demarty shares some brief thoughts on a session dedicated to debating the IS/SWP and its history

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