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European left

From Stalinism to social democracy

November 17 2010

Chris Gray reviews Brian Hanley and Scott Millar's 'The lost revolution: the story of the Official IRA and the Workers Party' Penguin Books 2010, pp601, GBP9.99

Budget crisis deepens

November 10 2010

Double standards need to be challenged by the left in Ireland, writes Anne Mc Shane

Workers' protests continue despite pension law vote

October 27 2010

Mass conflict is leading to broader political conclusions, reports Jean-Michel Edwin

Danger of honest opportunism

June 02 2010

The draft programme of Die Linke represents an advance on its previous documents, writes Tina Becker, but that is not saying very much. While it condemns capitalism, the party's perspectives are unashamedly Keynesian and clearly reformist

Left and right views

June 02 2010

Two prominent figures in Die Linke spoke to Tina Becker

Key debates evaded

May 26 2010

The German left party Die Linke is going from strength to strength. But crucial debates on the future of the party, the nature of capitalism and participation in bourgeois governments will seriously test it over the next few months. In the first of two articles, Tina Becker reports from the 2010 conference, which took place on May 15-16 in Rostock

For and against 'holding lines'

May 26 2010

Tina Becker interviewed three leading delegates at the May 15-16 Die Linke conference held in Rostock

St Patrick's Day and Cowan's savage cuts

March 17 2010

SWP (Ireland) is arguing the politics of reformism, reports Anne Mc Shane

Resistance must not be isolated

March 03 2010

Withdrawal calls reveal lack of strategy, writes James Turley

Crisis poses EU workers' unity

February 24 2010

Jim Moody examines Greek left organisations' responses

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