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European left

Fight for state power

March 23 2006

Students and youth in France are protesting against the government's attempts to impose its 'first employment contract' (CPE) on young workers, which would deprive them of employment rights for the first two years. Emile Fabrol of the communist journal La Lettre de Prométhée looks at the situation thrown up by the current mass protests.

Approaching crisis point

March 09 2006

The European Social Forum is in real danger of disintegrating. All democrats and communists must work hard to prevent this. Despite our many criticisms of the process, it is currently the only real avenue that exists for the cooperation of the European left. Tina Becker and Ben Lewis report from the latest preparatory meeting in Frankfurt, which took place from March 3-5

Charter of platitudes

March 09 2006

The Friday before the EPA saw meetings of the 10 or so ESF networks. Potentially the most important is the one that is has been drafting the 'Charter of principles for another Europe'

Left merger still on hold

February 09 2006

"An absurd fratricidal war" - this is how the political magazine Der Spiegel describes the current difficulties hampering the creation of a new left party in Germany. But the root of the dispute is not absurd at all, says Tina Becker: it centres on the important question of government participation. By employing a range of bureaucratic manoeuvres, the WASG leadership is now trying to silence its own opposition that demands the party take a principled stand against accepting ministerial posts - while the SWP's German section sides with the right

Dying on its feet

January 12 2006

Around 150 people gathered in the Konferenzhaus in Vienna to prepare for the next European Social Forum, which will take place in Athens on May 4-7 2006. Rifondazione Comunista's turn to government hung over the event like a Damocles sword - together with an unwillingness to take any decisive steps forward. Tina Becker fears that we might be witnessing the beginning of the end of the ESF as a vehicle for international cooperation

Learning from defeat

January 12 2006

Panayotis Yulis is a representative of the Network for Political and Social Rights in Greece (Epohi), which works with immigrants and political prisoners. He is a member of the Greek Social Forum and on the organising committee for the ESF in Athens

Church and state against women's rights

January 05 2006

Will Italy's Rifondazione Comunista risk upsetting their coalition partners-to-be by defending women's rights? Anne Mc Shane reports from the struggle over abortion rights in Italy

Opposition party or coalition partner?

December 08 2005

Trouble is brewing in the German Linkspartei. The Berlin regional congress of Wahlalternative (WASG) has just voted against the 'cooperation agreement', which maps out the unification process with the Party of Democratic Socialism (now renamed Linkspartei.PDS). WASG comrades in Berlin also want to stand separately in the 2006 local elections - refusing a joint candidature with the Linkspartei.PDS, which is part of the Berlin government. Yet, writes Tina Becker, Linksruck, the German section of the SWP, has joined forces with the WASG leadership in criticising this decision

Empty platitudes or programme of action

November 17 2005

Around 180 people from across Europe attended the November 12-13 'Assembly for a charter of principles for another Europe' in Florence. This charter, which could potentially be a very useful tool for the struggles of the working class in Europe, will be presented to the next European Social Forum in Athens in May 2006. However, the confusion about the purpose and structure of the charter mirrors the political disarray of much of the European left, says Tina Becker

Party discipline no longer works

November 17 2005

Elisabeth Gauthier is a member of the executive committee of the Parti Communiste Français. She spoke to Tina Becker about the recent riots in France

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