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Global left

ANC: Fully in control

May 15 2014

Neither right nor left has been able to challenge ANC hegemony, writes Peter Manson

Don’t trust Maduro

March 13 2014

There is a danger that the Chávista regime will arrive at a compromise with the right, warns Daniel Harvey

Make it a reality

March 06 2014

Robbie Rix is aiming for bigger and better things: but we need you to do it, comrades

Respecting no dogmatic label

March 06 2014

On the occasion of the 1000th issue, Marc Mulholland reflects on the state of the left

Many reasons to celebrate

March 06 2014

We invited a range of comrades to send a millennial message

The Leninist: Before this there was that

March 06 2014

Jack Conrad recalls the genesis of the CPGB’s Leninist faction and its enduring legacy

Weekly Worker: The first one thousand

March 06 2014

Editor Peter Manson looks back at the last 21 years and forward to the party we need

Venezuela: Right wing smells blood

February 27 2014

What is happening to the Bolivarian revolution? Daniel Harvey calls for working class independence

Quotas harm the cause

February 27 2014

The left should not succumb to neoliberalism’s phoney version of equality, argues Yassamine Mather

South Africa: Official ‘communists’ split unions

February 20 2014

It is impossible to overstate the crisis facing the SACP, writes Peter Manson

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