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Global left

Storm clouds over Sochi

February 13 2014

Harley Filben on the intersection of sport and Vladimir Putin's reactionary-populist agenda

South Africa: Phase within phase ... but capitalism is the end result

February 13 2014

Attempts to create a viable governmental alternative are in tatters, writes Peter Manson, leaving the ANC free to pursue the ‘second phase’ of the ‘national democratic revolution’

Communist Platform

February 13 2014

This is the new version, as amended by the February 8 meeting

ISNetwork: Bondage and bigotry

January 30 2014

The International Socialist Network has split - over a work of art. Paul Demarty is bemused

Animal liberation and Marxism

January 23 2014

Maciej Zurowski attended the weekend school of the Assoziation Dämmerung in Hamburg and spoke to Susann Witt-Stahl, Christian Wittgen and Christin Bernhold

Review: How to guard against state agents

January 16 2014

Rob Evans and Paul Lewis Undercover: the true story of Britain’s secret police Faber and Faber, 2013, pp346, £12.99

Isaac Asimov: Mantle of optimism

January 09 2014

Fifty years ago, Isaac Asimov is said to have successfully envisioned how things would be today. Daniel Harvey exam ines the claims

North Korea: A very Kimist purge

December 19 2013

The bureaucratic apparatus in North Korea is becoming increasingly dysfunctional, writes Eddie Ford

Mandela: Creation of a cult

December 12 2013

The ruling class is honouring a man who helped make South Africa safe for capitalist exploitation, writes Peter Manson

Maoist 'slaves': Combating the fascist state in Brixton

December 05 2013

Eddie Ford dissects the bourgeois media's hysteria over left wing 'cults'

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