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Marxism 2011: The situation is excellent ...

July 07 2011

Harley Filben heard a debate initially consisting of filling in blanks

London: Grounds for optimism

July 07 2011

Hopefully it will be a rather hot autumn, writes Ben Lewis

Scotland: Independence fight looms

July 07 2011

Scotland is not an oppressed nation, declares James Turley

Fight for a massive, long-term wave of industrial action

June 23 2011

Transformation of the whole labour movement is urgently required, writes Peter Manson

Tahrir Square comes to Madrid

June 02 2011

It is essential to critically engage with movements like Democracia Real Ya, argues Maciej Zurowski

Latest irresponsible split from SWP

April 14 2011

The defection of Chris Bambery and a section of the Scottish membership highlights systemic failings. Peter Manson reports

Stop treating the working class like sheep

April 07 2011

General strikes are a tactic, not a strategy. Michael Copestake attends a local meeting of the SWP

Arm the movement with Marxist politics

March 31 2011

James Turley reports on a good day in the fight to build resistance to the coalition's austerity

Their busted flush and ours

March 17 2011

Laurie Smith is not impressed by the left's performance in Sheffield

'Anti-Zionist' holocaust denier

March 10 2011

Israeli jazz musician Gilad Atzmon represents a small but important current within the broader Palestine solidarity movement, writes Tony Greenstein. He sees the oppression of the Palestinians as being due to something inherent in Jewishness

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