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Socialist Workers Party

Not in front of the children

September 26 2007

In private, behind the backs of the voting public and the working class, the SWP is said to have been circulating an 'information pack', which supposedly exposes the truth about George Galloway. Jim Moody demands politics

George Galloway demands the scalp of John Rees - so do we

September 12 2007

Following the failure of the SWP to reach an accommodation with George Galloway, is John Rees now preparing for a final showdown at Respect's annual conference in November? Peter Manson reports on the latest developments

George Galloway's rebellion rocks SWP

September 05 2007

Peter Manson looks at the civil war being fought out in the run-up to the November 17-18 conference

Stop thuggery in workers' movement

July 11 2007

This year's Marxism was marred by a disgraceful physical assault by SWP national organiser Martin Smith. Mark Fischer demands the setting up of a workers' commission to investigate

SWP and morality

July 11 2007

An ideal opportunity to challenge the SWP leadership over its attitude to Martin Smith's thuggery came at the Sunday afternoon session aptly entitled 'Marxism and morality'. Peter Manson reports

Strategic thinking?

July 11 2007

Over a thousand people packed into the July 5 opening rally of this year's Marxism, held as usual in London's Friends Meeting House. Mark Fischer reports

Three faces of SWP

July 11 2007

Phil Kent on how the SWP puts on different hats for different purposes

Sickening apologetics

July 11 2007

SWP member Naz Massoumi addressed the session entitled 'Iran - from revolution to rogue state', reports James Turley

Workerist class?

July 11 2007

Chris Harman gave the opening speech in a session entitled 'How important is class today?', reports Dave Isaacson

Good theorist fallen amongst economists

July 11 2007

Mark Fischer reports on the session with Neil Davidson

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