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Socialist Workers Party

NUS: Autonomist bankruptcy

April 17 2014

The SWP stall at this year's NUS conference was attacked by 'anarchists'

SWP: Sign of the times

April 04 2014

What’s wrong with ‘paraphernalia’, asks Tom Munday

The new moral panic

March 27 2014

Charles Gradnitzer looks at the most recent move to further ostracise the SWP

Nick Griffin: A rat on a sinking ship

January 09 2014

The collapsing British National Party is the victim of its own contradictions, not anti-fascism, writes Paul Demarty

SWP: Creating a desert waste

December 19 2013

For the third time in just over a year, the leadership is ‘drawing a line’. Actually, argues Ben Lewis, Charlie Kimber and Alex Callinicos are busily destroying their own organisation

SWP: Another split looms

November 28 2013

The leadership refuses to accept that there is any truth in opposition criticisms. Peter Manson reviews this year’s final Pre-conference Bulletin

SWP opposition: Facing a rout

November 14 2013

There are signs of increasing demoralisation amongst oppositionists, writes Peter Manson

Hopes, fears and prospects

October 31 2013

The members’ aggregate on October 26 discussed both Left Unity and the SWP. Michael Copestake reports

SWP: Insiders call leadership to account

October 31 2013

Members have finally been presented with a detailed report of the Delta case, reports Peter Manson. But it does not make easy reading for the central committee

SWP: Numbers do not lie

October 24 2013

Peter Manson reports on the October 19 Unite the Resistance event

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