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Tea Party: An enraged Frankenstein's monster

October 24 2013

The Tea Party seemed to come from nowhere. But nowadays it is turning on its big business patrons and threatening the interests of capitalism itself, writes Jim Creegan

US decline: The shock and awe that wasn’t

September 26 2013

Jim Creegan analyses the secular decline of the United States as the world hegemon and the failure of Barack Obama’s Syria gambit

Manning conviction: A sick parody of justice

August 08 2013

The conviction of Bradley Manning shows the need to abolish state secrecy, argues Paul Demarty

Snowden and the state: David and Goliath in high tech

July 11 2013

People like Edward Snowden may normally function as software in a hard drive, writes Jim Creegan, but for the state they have one drawback: they can think

Dissecting the Platypus

May 23 2013

Where does “hosting the conversation” on the “death” of the left start and the actual opinions of the leadership begin? Corey Ansel looks at the enigma of the US-based Platypus Affiliated Society

US elections: Mugged by reality

November 15 2012

The US presidential election of 2012 is less interesting for the victory of Barack Obama than for the debacle of the Republican Party, writes Jim Creegan

Obama election: Return of a rational reactionary

November 08 2012

The absence of a viable working class alternative means American voters are treated as fools, argues Paul Demarty

US elections: Crazy politics and class forces

October 11 2012

Jim Creegan examines the campaign of the Republican Party in the 2012 presidential elections

Consciously political

August 09 2012

Gore Vidal, 1925-2012

A radical for all seasons

July 26 2012

Jim Creegan takes a look at the political life of Alexander Cockburn, 1941-2012

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