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Animal liberation and Marxism

January 23 2014

Maciej Zurowski attended the weekend school of the Assoziation Dämmerung in Hamburg and spoke to Susann Witt-Stahl, Christian Wittgen and Christin Bernhold

Anthropology: Luxemburg was right

November 21 2013

How do Rosa Luxemburg’s ideas on primitive communism stand up today? This is an edited version of a speech given by Chris Knight of the Radical Anthropology Group to this month’s Historical Materialism conference

Science and collaboration

October 17 2013

The ‘standard model’ has been confirmed, writes Anthony Rose. But it is not only Peter Higgs who should be celebrated

Anthropology: Engels was right

September 12 2013

In April Sheila McGregor’s ‘Marxism and women’s oppression today’ was published in the Socialist Workers Party’s International Socialism. The journal declined to carry this response from radical anthropologist and SWP member Lionel Sims

Elaine Morgan: Debt of gratitude

August 01 2013

Chris Knight remembers the woman who saw off the ‘savanna hypothesis’

Anthropology and women: Genetic evidence is richer than the stale party line

July 11 2013

Chris Knight of the Radical Anthropology Group investigates the SWP’s impoverished debate on the Marxist theory of women’s oppression

Women and liberation: Is feminism a dirty word?

March 14 2013

What would Marx and Engels think of recent events in the SWP, RMT and across the British left? Camilla Power of the Radical Anthropology Group takes to task ‘dinosaur Marxists’ for refusing to treat rape as a deeply political issue

Anthropology: Reclaiming the dragon

January 24 2013

What was primitive communism? Socialist Workers Party member Lionel Sims explores the meaning of the Eden myth and its significance for women’s oppression

Drugs: Irrational war continues

December 20 2012

Nick Clegg is calling for a royal commission. Eddie Ford, on the other hand, demands immediate legalisation

Anthropology: Imperialist abuse of science

November 01 2012

Simon Wells reviews: David H Price, 'Weaponizing anthropology: social science in service of the militarized state', AK Press (Counterpunch series), 2011, £12, pp208

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