Thursday November 08 2012


Will your solidarity be music to Robbie Rix's ears?

After last month’s success, when we exceeded our £1,500 fighting fund target by £342, we are looking to consolidate by ensuring another good month in November.

And, as usual, things have got off to a good start, with £427 received in the first week. But, as I have pointed out before, that first week is always a bit misleading, because that is when the greatest part of our standing order donations come through. And this month has been no exception, with a total of £313 received in SOs. In all, 21 comrades made their start-of-the-month payments, ranging from £5 to £30. Thank you all!

One of the above donors is YM, who, I am informed, meant to increase the £10 that comes our way some months ago. Having forgotten to organise it then, the comrade has now written me a cheque for £84 to make up for the backlog. So that’s £94 from YM all in one week!

I also received three further cheques - all of them for £10. So thank you, LP, BG and DW, with a special mention for DW, who writes: “I’m hoping to make this a regular donation. I might even go for a standing order!” That’s what I like to hear, comrade.

Although new subscriptions via PayPal are continuing to come through, I’ve not had any donations via that method this week. But there was a welcome increase in the number of online readers - up to 10,983, the first time we’ve been over the 10,000 mark for some time. So let’s hope a fair number of our internet readers get out their credit or debit card over the next three weeks, and help us break through the £1,500 barrier once again.

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