Thursday November 29 2012

£164 needed in two days

Can you help? Robbie Rix says that there's no time like the present

Money: One day we'll be rid of it

With this month’s fighting fund ending on November 30, we are still £164 short of our £1,500 target. But there are two efficient ways in which you can help us out and make sure we get that essential cash in time.

First, there is the Weekly Worker PayPal facility on our website (the number of visitors it had was down a bit last week, by the way, at 9,142). Just get out your card and we’ll have your donation within minutes. Second, you can transfer money directly to the paper (account number: 00744310; sort code: 30-99-64) from your online bank account. Another speedy operation. Either way, we could do with that money - we don’t want to add to the shortfall from earlier in the year after we’ve been doing so well recently.

The bulk of donations received this week once more came in the shape of those regular standing orders - eight of them, ranging from £5 to £75 (thank you, JT!). They amounted to £197. Then there were three cheques in the post: £20 each from KN and FC, plus £15 added by OG to her resubscription. So the £242 received over the last seven days takes our November total to £1,336 - thanks to one and all. But we still need to finish off the job!

So if you’ve been thinking of helping our paper’s fight for a single, united Marxist party, but haven’t yet got round to doing so - well, there’s no time like the present!

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