Thursday December 13 2012

CPGB Aggregate: Political weapon

Michael Copestake gives a brief update from the recent CPGB aggregate

Taking place in London on December 8, the latest CPGB members’ aggregate dealt with important political and organisational issues.

The politics was provided by guest speaker Moshé Machover, who gave CPGBers his always informed and valuable take on the recent Israeli offensive against Hamas and the Palestinians, explaining that the acts of aggression were carried out for many causes - none of them anything to do with the official justification (see opposite). Comrade Machover stressed again the regional context, not least Israel’s aggressive intentions towards Iran and the envisaged solution to the ‘demographic crisis’ faced by the settler state.

A lively debate followed, as comrades both picked the comrade’s brains and contributed their own thoughts on this live issue.

It fell to comrade Laurie Smith, thrust into the spotlight without any warning, to provide those present with an update on the CPGB’s recent website redesign (which, we hope you agree, is a great improvement on the old version) and to confirm that, even though the new site has only been up for a short while, the web team is already preparing the ground for a new - version three should be up and running in around a year’s time.

‘Why so soon?’ you may ask. Well, as comrade Smith elaborated, so much had to be learned by comrades in order to achieve the first redesign that the moment it was complete they could already see its deficiencies and realised that overcoming these would require something more than mere tinkering. He finished by asking comrades for their opinions and suggestions on the present website and what they would like to see in the future.

It goes without saying that everyone agreed our website ought to be a valuable educational tool, as well as a political weapon to take on the rotten ideas of a decaying system and a decrepit left.

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