Thursday December 13 2012


Robbie Rix is concerned that in this festive period, comrades may forget how much we need their support

Money worries

I must mention comrade DB, who has decided to subscribe to the Weekly Worker via PayPal. However, as he reads us online and he is currently in Italy, he doesn’t really want a paper copy. Nevertheless, it’s only right that he ‘subscribes’ at the European rate of £7.20 a month, rather than £5 for those in the UK, isn’t it?

Well, thank you, comrade. There’s no faulting your generosity - although some might call into question the underlying logic. Still, who’s complaining?

Another online donor was comrade KG, who did stick to a fiver for his one-off contribution. He and DB were among the 9,742 people who read us via the website last week. We also received standing orders totalling £75 and two donations by cheque - £10 on top of the sub that EW decided to take out for a new reader, and £4 added to the cost of Lawrence Parker’s newly published second edition of his book, The kick inside, from comrade SJ.

Speaking of which, 20 copies were sold at the December 8 launch - and I hear that a dozen copies have already been ordered online. It’s well worth a read, I can tell you.

But I digress. We only received £101 for our December fighting fund this week, meaning that the total so far stands at a lowly £343. We need £1,500 every month and I’m a little concerned that comrades will forget their paper over the Christmas period. After next week’s edition there’ll be no Weekly Worker until the new year. So who’s going to nag you?

Tell you what - how about everyone who wants to donate doing so before next week, just so I can relax?


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