Thursday December 20 2012

Fighting fund

In the last paper of 2012 we still have a way to go to hit our fighting fund target, reports a festive Robbie Rix

We told Robbie Rix he could only leave ONE stocking out

Today I received my £10 Xmas bonus from HM government,” writes JS, and “I’ve topped it up with another £40 from my savings.” This £50 donation is the comrade’s “thank-you to all the CPGB comrades who worked so hard during 2012”.

For his part, RM was moved by the obituary published in last week’s paper. His £20 was donated “in appreciation of the tribute to our friend and comrade, James May”. He adds: “And for a great weekly paper, of course.” Of course!

Thanks to both comrades for their PayPal transfers, which helped take our December fighting fund to a respectable level. They were among the 10,429 people who read us online last week. And there were also several contributions received in the post - not least the £75 from that most modest of comrades, RG, who as usual slipped his cheque into an envelope without a covering note. His admiration for the Weekly Worker is so overwhelming he can’t bring himself to put it into words!

Also in the post were cheques from SD and FG (£20 each) and PL (£5). Plus a total of £195 landed in our account via standing orders - thanks to AM, DW, SP, MKS, SP, JD and MM. So, all in all, quite a successful week for the fund, coinciding with our final 2012 edition. The excellent £460 we received over the last seven days more than doubles our December total, taking us to £803. But we need £1,500 to finish the year on a high and there are only 10 days to go.

With the Christmas post being what it is, we need more comrades to take a leaf out of the book of JS and RM and give us some PayPal cheer. Or, if you have an online account, why not transfer your festive donation to the Weekly Worker yourself (account number: 00744310; sort code: 30-99-64)? That would be a splendid way to end the year.

See you on January 10!

Robbie Rix

This is the final edition of the Weekly Worker for 2012. The next issue will appear on Thursday January 10 2013. We wish all readers a happy and prosperous new year.

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