Thursday February 21 2013

Fighting fund: Deliberate?

Robbie Rix wonders if is being attacked, and updates our readers on the fighting fund

Internet readers will have noticed that over the last few days our website has been down quite frequently. We believe this may have resulted from a ‘denial of service’ attack, where our site has been deliberately targeted.

Despite the voicing of suspicions by some, it is unlikely that this is connected to the current content of the Weekly Worker. Nevertheless, for the first time in a long while the number of online readers topped 20,000 last week - and that certainly is down to our content, not least our coverage of the crisis in the Socialist Workers Party. Comrades know that up-to-date documents are readily available on the website in addition to the articles featured in the paper.

Of those 20,408 internet readers, just two gave us a donation via PayPal - thank you, GD (£25) and TR (£20). But we also received £355 in standing orders over the last seven days - for this we are grateful to DW, SP, JD, MKS, MM and SK.

So the £400 that came in last week takes our total for February to £1,034, with exactly a week to go to raise the £1,500 we need to cover our running costs. And, of course, we need to take steps to ensure that our website cannot be successfully attacked. Please help us get the £466 we need by February 28.

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