Thursday February 28 2013

Fighting fund: Great scope

If more of our readers gave just a small amount each, it'd be a lot easier to meet the Weekly Worker's running costs, says Robbie Rix

With a day to go, February’s fighting fund is just a little short of the £1,500 we need to meet our running costs. So far we have raised £1,336, thanks to the efforts of our readers. But we can still reach the target if comrades respond as soon as they read this. Please use PayPal or make a bank transfer (sort code: 30-99-64; account: 00744310).

Among the £302 received over the last seven days was a brilliant £100 cheque from comrade GD, plus £20 from PL added to her subscription. (Mind you, because of a mix-up over payment we have been unable to collect our mail for the last couple of days, so please forgive me if I haven’t mentioned your donation.) Then there were those standing order stalwarts, whose contributions added up to £167 - thank you, JT (£75), DS (£35), DT (£25), DO (£20) and DC (£12). Plus a couple of handy PayPal gifts from JW (£10) and RW (£5).

But I do keep pointing out that such donations account for a tiny proportion of our web readership. Last week, for instance, we had 15,155 online readers. Did I say ‘tiny’? How about ‘minuscule’? This is one area where there is great scope for improvement.

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